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My Hamster and Me by Peter Hollimann.
A For the Love of Animals Series, this book features games, activities, toys, owners' checklists and much more to help make owning hamsters lots of fun for both pet and owner. A great book for the new and inexperienced pet owner, parents whose kids would like to have a pet, and kids who simply want to know more about animals that make good pets. Emphasis is on building loving relationships between owners and pets. In this book, the nature and traits of the hamster are explained, and recommendations are given for interaction between pets and owners. The book is delightfully illustrated with vivid, heartwarming color photos and attractive pictorial charts. Topics covered in this book include: Golden rules of pet care ... Getting to know your pet ... Building love and trust between owner and pet ... Fun and games with your pet ... Caring for your pet in its old age. There are approximately 80 attractive full-color photos and drawings to supplement a fact-filled text.
Paperback / 64 Pages / 2001

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