Exo-Terra Electronic ON/OFF Thermostats

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  • Model: HG 22456 - 22457
  • Manufactured by: Exo-Terra

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Exo-Terra Electronic ON/OFF Thermostats are used to accurately control terrarium temperatures. They are ideal for use with Heat Mats, Heat Cables and Ceramic Heaters, for controlled temperatures between 68°F – 95°F (20°C - 35°C). The waterproof remote sensor accurately monitors temperature where placed in the terrarium.
* Two models 100w and 300w.
* Recessed temperature setting to avoid accidental setting or tampering
* Waterproof remote sensor with 6 foot / 185cm probe cord
* Red LED heat indicator shows when heating element is ON
* Can be used with the following heating sources: Heat Mats, Heat Cables, Ceramic Heaters, etc.

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