Premium Plus Chick-N-Barn Starter Combo by Ware Mfg.


  • Model: WA 01465C
  • Manufactured by: Ware Pet

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Premium Plus Chick-N-Barn Combo by Ware Mfg.

This Combo includes everything you need to start your flock off to a great start! Just add Birds, food and water.

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  • 1 each - Premium Plus Chick-N-Barn by WARE Mfg. (WA 01465) The ultimate housing for your pampered poultry, this stylish designer Chicken Barn is perfect for your urban flock (the Barn is rated for 6-9 average size hens). Roof panels are hinged for easy access, 2 large doors at either end of the Barn, and side mounting for the 2 hole Universal Nest Box, a roost is also included. Vented top gables allow good air circulation on warm days. Top Grade Lumber, Tongue & Groove Construction, treated with a safe, non-toxic stain.
    Assembles with a screwdriver!
    Size 49" x 43" x 47" high.
  • 1 each - Premium Plus Chick-N-Pen by WARE Mfg. (WA 01464) Provide a safe place for your flock to romp, attaches securely to the above Hutches, Solid wood frame with 1/2 x 1/2" galvanized, predator and rust resistant welded wire mesh. Large front and side doors and hinged lift up top provide access anywhere.
    Easy assembly with a screwdriver.
    Size: 62.5"x 42.75"x 30.25" high.
  • 1 each - Premium Plus Universal Chick-N-Nest Box by WARE Mfg. (WA 01475) A single Nest Box may be shared by 3 to 4 Hens, this dual box model will accommodate 4 to 8 hens.
  • The Premium Plus Universal Chick-N-Nest Box is Constructed from Top Grade Tongue & Groove Lumber with Waterproof Shingle Roof and Removable Floor Panel. Access for egg collection is provided by a lockable roof panel.
    Size: 23.25"x 15.5"x 15.5" high
  • 1 each - Chick-N-Canteen by WARE Mfg. (WA 15031) Medium 1 gallon capacity will provide a sanitary supply of water your the backyard flock. Featuring all-weather plastic construction and a 2 piece design that's easy to clean and fill.
  • 1 each - Chick-N-Feeder by WARE Mfg. (WA 15026) Chick-N-Feeder Medium 6.6 pound capacity offers a versatile design for feeding the backyard flock. They may be hung or sat on the ground and include a scratch ring to prevent wasted food.

Assembly Instructions for Ware Mfg. Premium Plus Chick-N-Barn model 01465 Click Here.

Assembly Instructions for Ware Mfg. Premium Plus Chick-N-Pen model 01464 Click Here.

Assembly Instructions for Ware Mfg. Premium Plus Chick-N-Nest Box model 01475 Click Here.

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