Living world Rabbit Sticks


  • Model: HG 60530 - 60538
  • Manufactured by: Living World

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Living World Rabbit Sticks are an easily digestible, yummy treat that provides Bunnies with proper nutrition and satisfies their natural instinct to nibble. Rabbit Sticks contain only the finest selected ingredients, formulated and oven-baked on an all natural wooden chew-stick. Clip holder makes it easy to attach inside the cage. Packaged environmentally friendly packaging
Available in four flavors.
HG 60530 Rabbit Sticks with Honey - Dried carrot, honey and oat groats.
HG 60532 Rabbit Sticks with Field Berry - Raspberries, black berries, blue berries, honey and oat groats
HG 60534 Rabbit Sticks with Popcorn - Popcorn, expanded corn, rice, honey and oat groats
HG 60538 Rabbit Sticks with Vegetable - Dried carrot, dried parsnips, dried celery, dried leek, honey and oat groats

Basic ingredients include: Whole wheat, cracked corn, milo, hemp seed, white millet and chopped peanut kernel.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 February, 2009.